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Day 1: Shamakhi

 Departure to Shemakha. Being the capital of Shirvanshakhs’ state since the 9th century, the city was one of the main stations on the Silk Road. In Shemakha you will have the oportunity to visit such historical and architectural monuments as Juma Mosque (19th centry), Yeddi Gumbez (Seven Domes) and observatory of the great scientist N. Tusi where you can see one of the largest and the most ancient telescopes. Arrival in Sheki. Stay at a hotel.


Day 2: Sheki

Sheki, one of the most ancient cities of Azerbaijan, is situated on the picturesque southern slopes of the Great Caucasian range. The program starts by visiting the Palace of Sheki khans, the Historical museum, the Albanian church of 5-6th centuries, the workshop shebeke-wood engraving without use of nails, the workshop on production of Sheki halvah(from thinly cut pastry made from rice flour). After delicious dinner in a restaurant the cuisine of which radically differs from that of the other regions of Azerbaijan, you’ll visit the Albanian church preserved in Kish village. Departure for Baku.