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  • “Altay Maralı”. (The Altaı Deer)

“Altay Maralı”. (The Altaı Deer)

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On the territory of one of the most scenic region of Azerbaijan- in Altiaghaj, located in the recreational center “Jannat Baghi”, was created reindeer antlers and maral breeding. In this economy, which started its activities since 2013, was brought special kinds of red deer/marals (Cervus Elaphus Sibiricus) from Altai for breeding. The similarity of the climatic conditions of the Altai and Altiaghaj created an opportunity for the beneficial dilution of this particular breed of maral in this region. For this purpose, several hectares of forest areas have been set aside and all essential conditions for the life of red deer were provided. As a result, marals have successfully passed a period of adaptation.

The main idea of creating this economy is the usage of deer antlers(non-ossifying ones) with treatment- and-prophylactic purposes. Thereby, on the territory of recreational centre “Jannat Baghi” was built Wellness Center "Altai Maral".





For the organization and creating of the infrastructure of this center, which started its activities in 2015, along with the local experts, was highly qualified technicians and clinicians in the area of alternative medicine.

"Altai Maral" Wellness Center's technical characteristics are not inferior to similar centers in the Altai, on the contrary, it is more advanced in terms of modernization and comfort. This gives an opportunity for our compatriots, who make long trips to Altai region, to save time and money.




Maral Horns - one of the miracles created by Allah it suffices to mention the fact there are 22 amino acids known to science and 18 of them are found in the horns of maral. In addition, the red deer antlers enriched with the variety of biologically active substances, hormones, vitamins, macro-and micronutrients. The usage of horns , containing all of the above substances, during the procedure has its indispensable and beneficial effects on the human body.


With the purpose of treatment non-ossifying young maral antlers are used - antlers coming out every year anew. Antlers are filled with blood, which contains substances with the highest degree of curative activity. Antlers are prepared to use, based on special technology. Bouillon made from them is intended for special procedures: antler baths, antler microclysters, antler masks.

Since ancient times, in the Altai, our ancestors widely used antlers with therapeutic purposes to enhance immunity, to rejuvenate, to overcome numerous diseases. Antler procedures, being of the branches of the ancient Altai medicine, still remain relevant.




Antler baths made from Altai maral antlers, well-known as a beneficial effect on the human body. They are effective in a number of widespread conditions and diseases of the modern society such as:

Chronic fatigue syndrome (they improve psycho-emotional state of a person). Metabolic disorders (they enhance immunity improving metabolism). Diseases of the cardiovascular system (increasing tone and normalizing blood pressure). Slowing down irreversible processes of venous insufficiency and varicose veins. It is also effective in diseases of the genitourinary system: for women - infertility, during menopause, for men - with a decrease in the activity of the sexual function, chronic prostatitis. During treatment of all diseases of backbone and joints (osteochondrosis osteoarthritis, and so on) , they make it possible to achieve long-term remission. Speed up the process of recovery from various injuries and in the postoperative period.

Also, antler baths have their therapeutic effects: in diseases of the gastro - intestinal tract, in the treatment of asthma, in a number of skin disorders (excluding the acute period).


As a rule, the full course consists of 10-12 baths. Minimum rate - 6 baths. The duration of each procedure is 20-25 minutes. One should take one bath a day, at about the same time. There is possibility of taking two baths a day (if you do not appear to be any complaints, fatigue, impotence) under one condition: the time between the two procedures should be 8-12 hours.




These masks, intended for the face and décolleté, have an irreplaceable effect in the treatment of blemishes and scars, as well as lifting and softening the skin.




They have a strong local effect in the treatment of erosive lesions of the intestine, in prostatitis, as well as reducing the activity of the sexual function in men.





Antler-steam saunas - wellness treatment in the cedar barrel by intensive exposure to the skin of steam with the antler extract and the concentrate of curative herbs. As a result, there happens a cleansing of the body due to sweating, removing of slag, toxins, carcinogens, salt and heavy metals. It improves overall body tone, reduces blood pressure, accelerates blood circulation and lymphatic flow, enhances the action of the immune system