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  • Diagnostic medical and rehabilitation resort complex of "Qalaalti"

Diagnostic medical and rehabilitation resort complex of "Qalaalti"

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The diagnostic center "Chirag" embodies the last achievements in the field of world diagnostics. Thanks to the modern equipment the center has possibility of carrying out about 350 types of diagnostics (ultrasonography, endoscopy, X-ray, laboratory researches). Such approach is based on the principle "Successful treatment begins with the correct diagnosis". Main directions of diagnostics: urology, cardiology, neurology, gynecology, proctology and many others. Methods of duodenal sounding and X-ray diagnostics are in special demand in the center.


Diagnostics in the Medical center "Chirag". The medical center "Chirag" in Galaalti carries out:
  • Biochemical blood test;
  • General blood test;
  • Blood test on sugar;
  • General analysis of urine;
  • Research of allocations of genitals;
  • Spermiogram;
  • Parasitological researches;
  • Bacteriological sowing on dysbiosis;
  • The Fed test for determination of sensitivity to foodstuff and chemicals;
  • Electrocardiogram;
  • The 13C-urease respiratory test which is used for definition of existence of an infection of Helicobacter pylori;
  • IFA laboratory diagnosis of infections, hormonal panel, onkomarkers;
  • Ultrasonography of abdominal organs, kidneys, small pelvis; rectoscopy; gastro-duodenoscopy.
  • Digital X-ray diagnostics;
  • Colposcopy;

The cost of laboratory analyses is from 5 to 30 AZN. The cost of diagnostics is from 15 to 50 AZN.



Water treatments


You will be able to undergo the various procedures which are based on properties of mineral waters of the resort of Galaalti, and also a balneo procedure such, as:
  • Sharko shower;
  • Circular and underwater shower massage;
  • Galvan bath;
  • The flavored pearl bathtubs with a chromo therapy;
  • Dry carbonic bathtub;
  • Hydro colon therapy

At us you will forget about diseases, stresses and chronic over fatigue, will be loaded with energy, you will feel harmony of soul and a body.



Physiotherapeutic procedures 


The medical center of a diagnostic medical and rehabilitation resort complex of "Galaalti" in Azerbaijan gives the maximum opportunities of improvement, prevention and restoration of an organism by means of a wide complex of the physiotherapeutic procedures meeting the last requirements of medicine.

The equipment of firms of Germany, Netherlands, and Slovenia covers all hardware physical therapy: this electro treatment improving blood circulation and removing muscular stress or, on the contrary, compensating insufficiency of a muscular tone, shockwave therapy and cryotherapy, laser therapy, magnet – and ultrasonic therapy. In a standard balneotherapy complex curative properties of medical ozokerite are used which of all heat carriers possesses the maximum thermal capacity and the minimum heat conductivity. Large reserves of ozokerite are near the settlement of Galaalti.

Inhalations and the unique offer of the medical center is a salt chamber in which by means of sensors all parameters of natural salt caves are supported, will help at diseases of airways, an allergy, will clear lungs of "pure" air of big cities.

Your comfortable rest can be extremely useful if you use services of a balneo-ozokeritolechebnitsa which include:

  • The water - and a balneotherapy;
  • Ozokeritotherapy;
  • Electrotherapy;
  • Ultrasound therapy;
  • Vacuum therapy;
  • The combined physical therapy;
  • Laser therapy;
  • Presso massage;
  • Magnetic therapy;
  • Hydro laser irrigation of gums;
  • Inhalations;
  • Speleotherapy;
  • A hydrocolonotherapy (effective clarification of an organism from the toxins and slags, with use of medicines restoring bioflora of intestines);
  • An ozone therapy (bactericidal, antifungal, antiviral action, increases the content of oxygen in blood, speeds up work of enzymes, stimulates a metabolism, strengthens immunity);
  • Hirudotherapy (treatment by bloodsuckers);
  • Consultations of doctors: therapist, neuropathologist, urologist, cosmetologist, nutritionist, gynecologist.

The cost of procedures and consultations is from 5 to 30 AZN.




Medicinal water of Galaalti



It was known of unique medicinal properties of mineral water of Naftusya long ago – the first mentions in literature on its curative effect belong to 1578. The only name of it speaks much – it is the only medicinal water in the world with the raised content of organic substances of an oil origin. Many people the name of Naftusya associate with the resort of Truskavets. However for many years operation stocks and the maintenance of organic chemistry in the sources of Truskavets were exhausted. Not all know that along with Truskavets there are also other fields of medicinal mineral water, for example the resort of Galaalti in Azerbaijan. So, in 20 kilometers from the Devechi region (nowadays Shabran) over the village of Galaalti in the woods over mountain in the 1969th year the new source of healing water was found. In the wood were defined 7 sources of that water which possess a large supply. The output of water makes more than 10000 liters a minute. Naftusya is much richer than this field with organic substances that is the defining indicator of medicinal properties of water of this region. Galaalti's water can be drunk only directly on a source as water isn't subject to storage and transportation (because of existence of flying organic substances). The low-mineralized Galaalti's waters contain organic substances from 15 to 25 mg/l. Here the ether-soluble organic compounds like phenols containing hydrocarbons, flying organic acids, humus substances, etc. enter. At small amounts in water there are carbonic acids, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, sodium, potassium, iron, copper. For Galaalti's waters the most specific are the hydrocarbon oxidizing, desulphurization and thionic microorganisms (about 400 strains) which have impact on qualitative and quantitative structure of organic substances.

Galaalti's water is used at treatment of a urolithic illness in various forms. It is original both on structure, and on the physiological impact on a human body.

Thanks to a low mineralization (to 0,78 g/l) and to the rich content of organic substances (8,35-23,8 mg/l), stimulates an expectoration of small stones and sand from kidneys, a gall bladder, to urinary and biliary tract, reduces a lithogenicity (tendency to formation of stones) of urine and bile, that is eliminates danger of a stone formation. It normalizes a metabolism in an organism, and also has alkalizing effect on blood and urine, reduces formation of uric acid and promotes its removal from an organism, reduces acidity of gastric juice, lowers permeability of cellular membranes, reduces bleeding, has anti-inflammatory effect, increases dieresis, deletes surplus of liquid from an organism. Thanks to immunological action resumes protective forces of an organism, promotes elimination of inflammatory processes in bodies and fabrics, to removal of products of an exchange and toxic substances, thereby prevents early aging of an organism. It has a unique natural complex of organic substances that does it by the only medicinal mineral water in the world which gained recognition of doctors-urologists of a set of the countries.



Medical cosmetology


Welcome to Medical-Spa the “Chirag” center unique on a format located in the territory of rest of a medical and improving resort complex of Galaalti!

Going treatment to Galaalti, in our Medical-Spa center you will be offered more than ten improving programs directed on removal of tension and a stress, improvement of a cellular metabolism, removal of products of a metabolism, toxins and slags. In an arsenal of experts there is everything for carrying out modeling of a body, revitalization and a toning, for improvement of food and moistening of face skin and a body.

The peeling, thalassotherapy, chocolate wrapping, massage, hydrotherapy with a medical shower massage — is not even all list of the sanitary technologies applied in the center. Here are at your service modern diagnostics of skin and hair, definition of structure of a body of the person, everybody knows that the objective assessment is qualitative result. Be convinced of it yourselves!


SPA in Galaalti



The modern SPA center of a medical and recreational resort complex of "Galaalti" equipped according to the European standards, its calling is to support your vital forces, to liquidate consequences of stresses, to normalize body weight and thus to simulate a figure, to carry out the rejuvenating procedures and to clear skin, to prevent early aging of an organism. From first minute you get to the atmosphere of luxury and absolute comfort.

Pride of SPA of a complex is the Center of bathing cultures. Here are the pool and a Jacuzzi, the Turkish bath and the Roman steam room, the Finnish sauna, all complex of sports procedures, including massages and cosmetology face care and a body at your service. The Phytobar in a zone of the pool will offer a set of grades of green tea, environmentally friendly Caucasian herbal teas and broths, freshly squeezed juice and oxygen cocktails.

Devote yourself more time and present to yourself magnificent days! And you by all means will want to return to us again!