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Nabran’ village is situated on the shore of the Caspian Sea not far from Khudat city in Azerbaijan. Nabran’ earned fame owing to its resort zone located around the village. The resort zone is surrounded with the most beautiful relict forests which considered one of the main sights of this locality. Today, it is a large resort zone occupied by hotels, boarding houses and private cottages. Tourists from all over the world come there since it is one of the places where they can vary their rest. Nabran’ has all the conditions for holiday-makers of any age to have excellent pastime. There are also entertainment centers for children, numerous disco-bars for the youth as well as cozy and quiet boarding houses for elder generation. In addition, not far from the village there is Aqua Park and sports complex, while the vicinity to the Caspian Sea and moderate climate, which holds almost the whole year, make this resort zone be one of the most visited places in Azerbaijan.