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The area of Masalli region once belonged to Manna and Atropatena states. The region is surrounded by the Caspian Sea on one hand and the Talysh Mountains on the other hand. The climate of these places is subtropical.

There are many medicinal mineral springs of sulfur water in Masalli. Istisu mineral spring is at the picturesque corner of the mountains.

There are bath house and a mosque built in the XIX century, Arkivan tower, mosques in the villages of Digah and Boradigah (XV century), tomb of Seid Sadikh. Along the road Masalli – Lankaran Gyzylagaj Reserve is located. 

There is a small lake in the dense forest on the edge of the town of Masalli. This is a very beloved by local residents and visitors a place to rest.

Recreation centers and restaurants are operating in the region. The distance up to Baku: 232 km