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During centuries-old history the city became the owner of numerous historical and architectural monuments with strongly pronounced Azerbaijan national color. Among the survived landmarks are Gei-Imam cult complex (14th – 17th centuries), Djuma mosque (17th century) and a variety of picturesque old houses, well-known stone sculptures of horses and other pets abundant in the neighboring mountains. The city takes pride in the fact that the greatest Azerbaijani poet Nizami Gyanjevi was born there. His mausoleum is the major tourist attraction.The historical part of the city also called “Old Ganja” is known for its ruins of fortifications, towers, bridges (12th - early 13th centuries), a caravanserai (17th century) – place where merchant caravans could stay an have a rest, the building of former Khan office (17th century), mausoleums (14th – 17th centuries), mosques (17th centuries)